Memories of My Body


Director Garin Nugroho

Year 2018

Lenght: 106


Language Indonesiano

Screenplay Garin Nugroho

Cinematography Teoh Gay Hian

Music Mondo Gascaro

Cast Muhammad Khan, Raditya Evandra, Rianto, Sujiwo Tejo,Teuku Rifnu Wikana

Subtitle English

Genre Drama


This film is about a man named WAHYU JUNO, from young ages he grows up without a mother ‘s love and misses mothers arms in the journey of his life. Juno was born in poor village in the middle of teak forest. A village known as the center of lengger dance. A village with a social dance culture characterized by female dance performed by men.

Since young Juno grows and feels that in a man there is always element of male and female. A journey of life that brings his body into various violent events. Junos Male – Female body be – comes the representation of traumatic body of social and political violence and was forced to move from one place to another.

This story begins when Juno grows up, an audition to become the main dancer in a major dance company overseas. An audition that brings Juno tells the story of his life since childhood as well as presented in the form of dance.

A flashback of the humanist story of Junos body in sociological and political sphere that dis- criminatory and full with misunderstandings, despite the fact that cross-male-female bodies be- come part of the long history of Indonesian society.

Garin Nugroho is born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia on 1961 and completed his studies in 1985 at the film academy in Jakarta. Nugroho’s debut film LOVE IS A SLICE OF BREAD (1991) was selected as the Best Young Director at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival. LETTER FOR AN ANGEL (1994) won Best Film at the Taormina Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival. His film LEAF ON A PILLOW (1998) won the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 1998 and screening at CANNES Film Festival 1998. Since then, his name skyrocketed and spread to various international film festivals. In celebration of 250 years of Mozart (2006), he was selected as one of the six innovative directorsworld to make the film. The result, Opera Jawa, was based on the Ramayana and produced by Simon Fields and was premiered in Venice 2006.