Indonesia, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar, 2022, 116′

by Makbul Mubarak

cast Kevin Ardilova, Arswendy Bening Swara

  • Grand Prize (Competition)- Tokyo FILMeX
  • Vincitore del Premio FIPRESCI, Festival del Cinema di Venezia, Orizzonti

A young man is working as a housekeeper in an empty mansion. When its owner returns to start his mayoral election campaign, the young man bonds with him and defends him when his campaign is vandalized, setting off a chain of violence.

Makbul Mubarak is a film director and screenwriter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from the School of Film, T V and Multimedia at the Korea National University of Arts in 2014. He is also one of the co-founders of the Indonesian film critics collective CinemaPoetica. His short film THE MALEDICTION (2017) received the Special Mention Award at Singapore IFF in 2017. His debut feature fiction film AUTOBIOGRAPHY (2022) was selected at Venice IFF and Toronto IFF.