Everything is Cinema

India, 2021, 70′

by Don Palathara

Cast Sherin Catherine, Don Palathara

A Malayalam-speaking filmmaker called Chris sets out for Kolkata to shoot a documentary in reaction to Louis Malle’s 1969 Calcutta. Despite being Indian, he’s as much a stranger to the city as Malle was. Shortly after starting to shoot the film, Covid-19 hits the world, forcing him into quarantine. Instead of facing Kolkata, Chris is now faced with the relationship with his wife who accompanied him, with both not expecting to see that much of each other. Instead of looking outwards, he’s now looking inwards.

Don Palathara is a film director, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker from Kerala, India. Known for working on shoestring budgets and with new or inexperienced actors, his films are expositions of local Kerala culture.