Luxury Staycation

South Korea, 2021, 20′

Regia Park Syeyoung

Two lovers get to spend a night at a five-star hotel. Today happens to be their 100th day together. But the couple looking forward to a lovely night is met by a series of unimaginable events: a giant hairy fungus, terrifying lightning and thunder, love and cucumber, and Christmas and fart.

Born in 1996, Syeyoung Park is a filmmaker based in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from Korea National University of Arts Film major (BFA) Video Arts major (MFA). His first short film CASHBAG (2019) premiered at the Mise En Scene FF in 2019 where it won Best Editing Award, followed by the short films GODSPEED (2020), THE GOLD KNIFE (2021), LUXURY STAYCATION(2021) and VERTIGO (2021). His first feature film, THE FIFTH THORACIC VERTEBRA (2022) was selected and won three awards at BIFAN.