New Abnormal

Pid pokati mai

Sorayos Prapapan

Thailand, 2021, 15′

Kant Kantapiti, Nattapong Pipattanasub, Patiparn Amornthipparat, Wachara Ganha, Pisuth Penkul, Tawan Konkaew, Donnaya Sutthiwan

Based on a true story, Pid pokati mai is a reflection on human life during the Covid-19 pandemic and, also, under the Emergency Decree. Pid pokati mai follows many characters from different scenarios who share the same awkward situation.

Sorayos PRAPAPAN (1986, Thailand) is an independent filmmaker, sound technician and foley artist based in Bangkok. He completed studies at the Film and Photography Thammasat University Thailand. After his schooling, he started working as a production assistant for the Palme D’or-winning film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010). He has directed many short films which won awards in his home country and were shown at many international film festivals including Rotterdam, Winterthur, Fribourg and Venice.