Perfect City: The Mother

China, USA, 2022, 12′

Regia Shengwei Zhou

A wood monster conceives a child covered in roots, ugly and out of control. The monster finds a liquid named Perfect, feeds it, and sculpts the child into a human form, gradually transforming it into the perfect being. This grotesque stop-motion animation depicts the subtexts of social ideology, childbirth and parenting. (LEE Dongyun)

Shengwei Zhou

Born in 1991, Shengwei Zhou is an award winning multi-media director and VR artist. He likes colliding real-world narratives and emotions with fantasy dreams by combining stop motion animation, 3D animation, and multi-media cinematography together. He focuses on the relationship between consciousness and body, dream experiences and soft part of broken people. His films and animations have won over 100 festival awards and exhibition selections all over the world and has been reported by VARIETY in Hollywood in for his 95 minutes feature animation SHE (2019). His latest film is PERFECT CITY: THE MOTHER (2022), which was selected at BIFAN.