The Magical Tracing

Taiwan, 2021, 13′

Regia Wu De-Chuen

Grandma asks herself, “Why do people live so long?” The next day Grandma disappears. Her grandson and the shoe repairer are frightened and start looking for her. It turns out that Grandma joins a religious procession to express her gratitude.

Wu De-Chuen

A gradute of NYU School of Visual Arts. Most of De-Chuen Wu animations are inspired from personal experience. Many of his works were nominated for awards. A PIECE OF CAKE (2010) was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards. His recent work THE MAGICAL TRACING (2021) won the Best Animation Shorts in the Golden Horse Awards. His short film ALICE ON THE BEACH (2022) was selected at Taipei FF. His latest project MIRROR was selected at Venice Gap Financing Market 2022.