The chaotic space of nihility and dissolving, melting and shattering phenomenon of time

Chinese Title 虚空与正消解、融化、毁灭的时间现象

The chaotic spaceThe chaotic spaceThe chaotic space


Director Wu Xiang

Year 2014

Length 4’13”

Screenplay Wu Xiang

Producer Ye Rongfang,Wu Xiang, Zhang Fan

Cinematography Wu Xiang

Sound Wu Xiang

Music Wu Xiang

Editing Wu Xiang

Cast Wu Xiang

Production Company CAA

Language Shaanxi Dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Experimental Short



Stream of Consciousness


Bio-filmography of Director

Wu Xiang, 1989, graduated from the China Academy of Art 2014




Director’s Statement

The human’s ideology from the outside to build “essence” of the myself. People did not disappear after death, death belongs to the illusion of human consciousness. The lives created the universe: individual consciousness is the existence of the universe which will be the center of the life and biological world. Then there’s the universe. The universe itself does not create life; human consciousness makes world become more meaningful. The space and time may be just tools of human consciousness. Time is a pure abstraction, pure idea and nothing that exists. We rely on our language and ideological education to look at their social identity. Our own view is not produced by myself, but perhaps by a given culture.