Chinese Title

  barking posterbarking phbarking ph

Director Geng Yi

Year 2013

Length 36′

Screenplay Chen Dan, Geng Yi

Producer Geng Yi

Cinematography Li Binkai, Lv Wenzhi

Sound Liu Ruiqing

Music Pentatonic

Editing Song song, Wu Shaowei

Cast The Scavenger Liu and her stray dogs

Production Company Beijing Tianlang Studio

Shooting Format HDV

Language Mandarin

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Documentary



The suburbs of the city, the demolition area, garbage dumps and markets is often next to each other. Here some migrant workers from other provinces make their livings separating garbage. Together with the garbage dog equality enjoy the sun and food. This People and dogs form a new, marginal urban microcosm. Later, through garbage recycling, garbageonce again enters a new mode of social prodution. garbage dogs are lured into markets using a variaty of methods, but they are not sold as pets, they are sold as meat. Most of the stolen and poisoned dog meat is consumed in dog meat restaurant, and the price of this meat is half of that of a healthy living dog. The dogs are killed on-site, their skin is removed and the meat carved up. The majority of the meat is purchased by urban residents, and as result, these dogs re-enter urban household.


Bio-filmography of Director

Geng Yi

Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Urban Design Teacher

China National Geographic” magazine contract photographer

Employed and taught at the Institute of Urban Design CAFA



Director’s Statement

The last twenty years of frenzied city construction have produced large quantities of garbage and numerous illegal garbage dumps. This film focuses on one such garbage dump outside the Fifth Ring Road, in the Beijing suburbs. Here, we tell the common story of the dogs and people who use the garbage as food and a way to make a living. Just like the scavenging animals and bacteria that separate waste in the natural world, they slowly break down the waste from major cities. As a result, this waste and these garbage dogs are consumed in a new form.