Ariel William Orah

Ariel William Orah is a Berlin-based Indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory, and scarcity. He is intrigued by the durability of homo sapiens and the fragility of machines. An MA graduate from Steinbeis University Berlin with a major in Sustainability Management, he has also completed a degree in human-centered, empathy and experience-driven design from the School of Design Thinking Potsdam/Stanford and KAOSPILOT Århus.

In his artistic practice, Orah works with a variety of media and formats, ranging from sonic and multi-sensory performance, physical and interactive installation, and moving/still images. He co-founded the empathy-driven sound artist collective L-KW, Bandung-based progressive rock band Vincent Vega, Berlin-based multi disciplinary art and culinary collective Soydivision Kollektiv, and non-profit cultural organisation Diantara e.V. Selected works include a theater music & lecture performance »GAUNG« for Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin (2021), a theater music composition »Götzendämmerung. Post-Funk-Tische Ergüsse zum Zeitgeschehen« for Zimmertheater-tübingen (2019), and a commissioned installation for Tanz im August Festival Berlin (2016). He has self-released numerous solo albums under the alias ravenative, most recently Kosmos Kompromiss in 2021.


Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination
Statement on schatten score at Across Asia Film Festival 2021

When the festival curator StefanoGalanti mentioned some ideas about this specific scoring concert on silent film, I immediately responded that I really like the idea of making a sonic response to German silent expressionism films from the 20s. The German expressionism film genre has always been my personal interest, and currently my artist collective Soydivision is developing a new theater music piece that aims to bridge Indonesia’s Wayang Orang performance technique and German expressionism film style. The fact that I am an Indonesian diaspora who has been living for more than a decade in Germany also makes this invitation from Asian Film Festival in Italy even more enchanting. Illusion, shadow puppet, and indeed the meta concept of shadow and lights are some aesthetics that would be in the radar of my sonic response, which would contain some organismic and granular synthesis method, electroacoustic/music concrete environment, and chanting rituals inspired by several Indonesian traditional praying and shamanic preaching specially from West Java and North Sulawesi. Moreover, beyond aesthetics and artistic approach, this work also reflects on diaspora identity recalibration and/in overcoming the shadows of post-colonial ghost in post-migration world that we are living/dreaming in.


A performing art collective consisting of Berlin-based Indonesians, positioning itself in the intersection of art and activism. As a registered art and culture institution, Soydivision curated performances, organized workshops, culinary art activities, film screening, and discussion sessions. As group artists (Soydivision ensemble), they have been developing their own multi-disciplinary collective works such theater music pieces, performances, and installations since 2018 and presented it in Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Danmark, and Indonesia.Their diasporic point of views offer an alternative approach to contemporary challenges through art, inviting a new kind of dialogues and engagement.
Soydivision’s activity started with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through performing art and food. The goal originates from the member’s experience both as a foreigner and a long time resident of a country that does not share the same characteristics with the one they came from. This experience forces them to reevaluate their standing in this new society while retaining aspects of their pre-formed identity.
From the initial issue of identity, Soydivision enlarged its interest to the issues of social and environmental injustice. Coming from Indonesia and living abroad gives the member a certain perspective of environmental problems in their home country. However, various of these environmental problems are in connection to the demand of the global industries, leading to the exploitation of natural resources and labors in a non sustainable way. The connection and the critiques thereof became another theme that the members explore in their artistic creations.
Their initial contemplation on the expression of identity is now put also in the context of social injustice. To be seen as the other –either abroad or at home– leads to further exploration of strategies to overcome stigmatized stereotypes and bridging the large gap of justice. The strategies, often in the form of cathartic experience, requestioning, or therapeutic healing, become themes of their artistic output or activities.

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