Charlotte Susabi



Director Masaki Iwana

Year 2018

Lenght 192

Country Japan| France

Language Japanese

Screenplay Masaki Iwana

cinematography Tetsuya Takahashi

Cast Clara Elena Cuda, DDéé, Yuri Osawa, Ai Suzuki, Kyoko Takahashi

Subtitles English


Place is modern-day Paris. Japanese performer K living in Paris, who had lost his wife Suiko as a result of his absorption in his arts, is not able to make performances with cymbals like he used to.

One early summer afternoon, K visits a glass shop located near Tolbiac to order a sheet of glass for his performances. There, he meets Asako (39 years old), wife of the store owner. She seems a little drunk at their first meeting. She had originally moved to France to study ballet, but now she is a mother of seven-year-old son and a wife of an amicable husband.

On the same day, K steps into the metro to avoid the sudden rain and sees a beautiful Italian freak woman exposed to the crowd. It is Charlotte with deep eyes. That night, K dreams of an erotic side show with Charlotte.

After a week, K, who returns to the glass shop to pick up the glass, spontaneously asks Asako for a date. Asako stands in utter amazement, and K regrets the carelessness of his own behavior. Still, he receives a call from Asako few days later. K dreams once again of Charlotte that night.

The film does not lean towards any film genre yet at the same time it touches upon every genre of film. Veritably a work by a Butoh artist, this independent film poetically re-questions cinematic language.

Masaki Iwana, described as a Filmmaker of the Body, is also an active solo butoh dancer in France. He has worked in 150 cities in 45 countries in Europe in the last 40 years. In 2008, at the age of 60, he completed his first film “Vermilion Souls. Since then, he completed his second and third feature-length fiction films, A Summer Family(2010) and “Princess Betrayal (2012). The first two films were both selected in the “Bright Future” category of Rotterdam International Film Festival, as well as among other festivals, and Vermilion Souls” won the award for best film at the Portobelo International Film Festival 2009 in the UK.

Masaki Iwana (Tokio, 1945), definito un “Filmmaker del corpo”, è anche attivo in Francia come danzatore butoh. Nella sua carriera ha lavorato in 150 città sparse fra 45 paesi. Nel 2008 ha completato il suo primo film, Vermilion Souls, vincitore del premio come miglior film al Portobelo International Film Festival 2009 nel Regno Unito. Due anni dopo ha girato A Summer Family e nel 2012 Princess Betrayal: entrambi sono stati selezionati, fra gli altri, per il Rotterdam International Film Festival.