Free and Easy


Director Geng Jun

Year 2017

Lenght  99

Country China

Language Mandarin

Screenplay Liu Bing, Feng Yuhua, Geng Jun

Photography Wang Weihua

Music Second Hand Rose Band

Cast Xu Gang , Zhang Zhiyong, Xue Baohe, Wang Xuxu, Gu Benbin, Zhang Xun, Yuan Liguo

Subtitles Italian

Genre Black Comedy

Release: Sundance Film Festival

A crook visits a gloomy, snowbound town in northeast China bringing magic soap used to incapacitate the unaware so that he may rob them of money and property. A man is intent on re-uniting with his mother by meeting people through his religion. Two police officers set out to solve a case without any clues. A fake monk begins to work on the issue of solidarity through common pursuit. A forest ranger pursues a tree thief. In the midst of this, a murder takes place. Free and Easy is a farce in which crime is the new normal.


Geng Jun was born in 1976 in Heilongjiang Province, China. Geng Jun has directed and written many films including Hawthorn (2002), Diary in Bulk (2003), Barbecue (2004 Festival of 3 Continents, 2005 International Film Festival Rotterdam), Youth (2009 Rome International Film Festival), and The Hammer and Sickle are Sleeping (2013 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival best short film winner). Geng Jun also directed Poetry and Disease (2011).