The Birth of a False Comedy

Titolo originale 一部伪喜剧的诞生


The Birth of a False Comedy_2The Birth of a False Comedy_2The Birth of a False Comedy_2


Regia Liu Hanzh

Year 2012

Length 11’45’’

Screenplay Liu Hanzhi

Producer Zhounan

Cinematography Liu Yadang

Sound Hao Ribao

Music One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Editing Liu Hanzhi, Liu Yadang

Cast Liu Jinglai, Liu Hanzhi, Wang Anyang, Caoliang, Guifei, Zhang Dingwen

Production Company Beijing Tianlang Studio

Shooting Format MOV

Language Mandarin

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Short Experimental



The story begins with six psychiatric patients confession as the opening, each illustrates some seemingly unconnected view. Then in the next free time, a patient standing alone,raised his hands, other patients did not understand, asked what he was doing. Patient said he was in maintaining the balance of the world. He laughed all the patients ignorance, and tried to pull his hands. after some beatings, fell to the ground, other patients said to him: “Put down your hands, the world remains balanced.” But by this time the crowd to see another side of the patient lying on the ground, splayed feet to the sky, to them, saying: “because I maintain balance in his position for him is not stable enough.”



Bio-filmography of Director

Liu Hanzhi was born in 1990. Graduated from Communication University of China – Nanjing in 2012. Then studied at film directing in scuola di cinema immagina. Now he is studying at New Media Production Department, Accademia di belle artilegalmente riconosciuta di CUNEO (master degree).

Main works include:

The Birth of a False Comedy

No.131 Road

Called Old Bridge


Director’s Statement

The film is a psychological drama of color, this is a point of view from our patient population appears to be to see the world the story, so the film always be based on the thinking of non-reality. screenplay involved six figures. Six figures in everyone needs portray different details,

Performance is not a subject, from the first person to sixth individual is personal, social, human, evolution, species, elaborated the order void from micro to macro. The beginning of the show it is a non-normal state of mind, is the story behind the humor, absurd, triggered by a small event raised thinking.

Nearly the whole film special lenses account for a large proportion, this requires that the actors must be in place. Note that the lens in the shooting left conception, imagination. need to clear the screen before and after King level, also emphasizes the role of the role hierarchy, still the role and level of design and so needs to be emphasized. Interpretation is basically quiet, slow-based, environment in order to achieve contrast, in order to explain the environment is not accountable environment,but an accurate, deep, creative figures show the inner world and animal perspective, show the film’s inherent contradictions, try to find a fresh angle camera with clip, for every character of mind service.