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Donato Epiro, compositore e polistrumentista pugliese, lavora su una commistione di influenze in cui musica concreta, elettronica e field recordings si intrecciano a tematiche biologiche, antropogiche e naturalistiche dando vita ad un suono
poco definibile, sfocato, in cui le diverse fonti si perdono, si fondono, assumendo nuova forma e significato.



Regia Hiroshi Teshigahara

Durata 28 min

Sceneggiatura Kôbô Abe (original story)

Interpreti Miki Irie, Teruko Hasegawa, Yoko Matsushita

A day in the life of Ako, a 16 year old Japanese girl, and her friends and co-workers. An alarm clock wakes her in a dorm; she gets ready for work and travels to a large bakery. We see her with friends, chatting and laughing, as well as working. They go out, seven of them jammed in an old Pontiac: bowling, then to an amusement park, then driving around. Car trouble may put her at risk. Is she going to be okay?

Tokyo 1958


Durata 24’

Directors Susumu Hani, Yoshirô Kawazu

Writers Susumu Hani, Yoshirô Kawazu

Interpreti Donald Richie

Eight filmmakers collaborate with Teshigahara to bring a newsreel-style snapshot of Tokyo in 1957-58, when it had eight and a half million people and was the largest city in the world. The industry of the people is evident, with Katsushika Hokusai’s woodcuts interspersed with shots of contemporary workers. We watch women give a makeup demonstration, we visit bridal stores, and we see a young woman win a rock and roll singing contest and follow her home with her prizes; we go to the Ginza on Christmas Eve, with bars and nightclubs full tilt, and we join the throng at the Meiji shrine on New Year’s Day. Some surreal touches add comedy to underscore Tokyo’s energy and life.