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A Land Imagined

  Director Yeo Siew Hua Year 2018 Lenght 95’ Country Singapore | Francia | Olanda Language Mandarino | Inglese | Bengali Screenplay Yeo Siew Hua Cinematography Hideho Urata Music Teo Wei Yong Cast Theresa Peter Yu, Luna Kwok, Liu Xiaoyi, Jack Tan, Ishtiacuqe Zico Subtitles English Genre Drama Première: Locarno Festival Set in industrial Singapore, […]

A Page Of Madness

    Director Teinosuke Kinugasa Year 1926 Lenght: 59’ Country Giappone Screenplay Yasunari Kawabata, Teinosuke Kinugasa, Minoru Inuzuka e Bankô Sawada Cast Masao Inoue, Ayako Iijima, Yoshie Nakagawa Genre Drammatico / Horror   A Page of Madness is an experimental movie made by a group of avant-garde Japanese artists, the “Shinkankaku-ha”, in 1926. Being experimental, […]

A Ripe Volcano

  di Taiki Sakpisit 15’ A Ripe Volcano reflects Bangkok as a site of mental eruption and emotionally devastated land during the heights of terrors, primal fears, trauma, and the darkness of time. The film revisits The Rattanakosin Hotel, the site where the military troops captured and tortured the civilians, students and protesters who were […]

Balangiga: Howling Wilderness

  This is not a film by Khavn Director Khavn Year 2018 Lenght 115’ Country Philippines Language Tagalog Screenplay Jerry Gracio, Achinette Villamor, Khavn Cinematography Albert Banzon Music Khavn Cast Justine Samson, Pio Del Rio, Warren Tuaño Subtitles English Genre Epic Balangiga, 1901. Eight-year-old Kulas and his grandfather Apoy Buroy flee town on the eve […]

Bamboo Dogs

  This is not a film by Khavn Director Khavn De La Cruz Year 2018 Lenght 83’ Country Filippine Language Tagalog Screenplay Achinette Villamor, Homer Novicio, Norman Wilwayco, Khavn Cinematography Albert Banzon Music Jazz Nicolas, Dan Gil Cast Red Cortez, William Buenavente, Ron Capinding, Jess Mendoza, Sue Prado, Dido De La Paz Subtitles English Genre Crime, […]

By The Time It Gets Dark

  Director Anocha Suwichakornpong Year 2016 Lenght 105’ Country Thailand | Netherlands | France | Qatar Language Thai Screenplay Anocha Suwichakornpong Cinematography Ming Kai Leung Music Wuttipong Leetrakul Cast Arak Amornsupasiri, Atchara Suwan, Visra Vichit Vadakan, Inthira Charoenpura, Rassami Paoluengtong, Penpak Sirikul Subtitles Inglese Genre Drammatico Première: Festival di Locarno 2016, Toronto International Film Festival […]

Carte Blanche at Apichatpong Weerasethakul

GREENWICH D’ESSAI 18:00 CARTE BLANCHE at Apichatpong Weerasethakul Thailand, 2018, 100’ Personal selection of the director for AAFF 2018   Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s One Short Film Program 2018 Format: DCP Program (99:18 minutes) The Anthem, 2006, 35mm, colour, sound, 5 min Monsoon, 2011, phone camera and computer camera transferred to DCP, colour, sound, 3 min Ashes, […]

Charlotte Susabi

    Director Masaki Iwana Year 2018 Lenght 192’ Country Japan| France Language Japanese Screenplay Masaki Iwana cinematography Tetsuya Takahashi Cast Clara Elena Cuda, D’Déé, Yuri Osawa, Ai Suzuki, Kyoko Takahashi Subtitles English   Place is modern-day Paris. Japanese performer K living in Paris, who had lost his wife Suiko as a result of his absorption […]

Die Tomorrow

  Director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit Year 2017 Lenght  75’ Country Thailand Language Thai Screenplay Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit Photography Niramon Ross Music Tongta Jitdee e Pokpong Jitdee Cast Sunny Suwanmethanont, Patcha Poonpiriya, Sirat Intarachote, Rattanrat Eertaweekul Subtitles Inglese Genre Drama An anthology of short stories about the last day of people’s lives inspired by newspaper headlines from 2012-2016. […]


  by Khavn De La Cruz An ironic collage offers a reflection on lords and leaders, their gestures, attributes, characteristics, and deeds. The images, which oscillate between the credibility of archival footage and the artificiality of costume dramas on cardboard stage sets, become hyperboles of the typical attributes of power and engage in, are a […]

Free and Easy

  Director Geng Jun Year 2017 Lenght  99’ Country China Language Mandarin Screenplay Liu Bing, Feng Yuhua, Geng Jun Photography Wang Weihua Music Second Hand Rose Band Cast Xu Gang , Zhang Zhiyong, Xue Baohe, Wang Xuxu, Gu Benbin, Zhang Xun, Yuan Liguo Subtitles Italian Genre Black Comedy Release: Sundance Film Festival A crook visits […]

Homogeneous Empty Time

  สุญกาล Soon-ya kal (2017) Filmmaker: Thunska Pansittivorakul, Harit Srikhao Country: Thailand, Germany Year: 2017 Length: 103’ Language: Thai Producers: Thunska Pansittivorakul, Jürgen Brüning Production Company: Sleep of Reason Films, Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion Sales: Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion Cinematography: Harit Srikhao, Watcharapol Paksri, Suppakit Sritrakul, Warat Poonyasiri, Itdhi Phanmanee, Phassarawin Kulsomboon Editor: Thunska Pansittivorakul Music: Chom […]

Immortal Woman

di Jakrawal Nilthamrong (2010, 10’) The inspiration of the Immortal Woman’s character derived from the year 2007-08 when the artist was living in the Netherlands – one of a few places in the world that legalized the Right of accepting homicide. Jakrawal became to know the word ‘Euthanasia’ or “allowing a person to end their […]

Invalid Throne

di Jakrawal Nilthamrong (2018, 20’) ‘Invalid Throne’ is about the land and people who used to own the property. The ‘disputed areas’ were taken by new Feudalism and turned into gold mine and hi-class monastery which allow only privileged people to enter the exquisite landscape. Shot on location in northern of Thailand and miniature landscape […]

Juan Tamad Goes To The Moon

Total Running Time: 4:35 Year Released: 2018 Featured Artists in Film: Khavn, Santie Navarro, Felix Opeña Three years before George Melies’ “Le Voyage dans la Lune” and ten years before Segundo de Chomon’s “Excursion En La Luna”, indigenous proto-surrealist Philippine filmmaker Narding Salome Exelsio made “Nagtungo si Juan Tamad sa Buwan” in 1898 while the […]


Director Hiroshi Okuyama Year 2018 Lenght 75’ Country Japan Cinematography Hiroshi Okuyama Language Giapponese Screenplay Hiroshi Okuyama Music/Sound Kousuke Yanagita Cast Yura Sato, Riki Okuma, Chad Mullane, Yuko Kibiki, Akko Tadano, Kouichi Nihei, Kenichi Akiyama, Ippei Osako, Masayasu Kitayama, Mari Hatsumi, Hinako Saeki Subtitles English Genre Black Comedy New Directors Award al 66mo Festival di […]


    Director Shinya Tsukamoto Country Japan Genre Drama, Sword action Duration 80min. Language Japanese Subtitles Italiano The film starts from the germinal questions by Shin’ya Tsukamoto. “A young ronin who stares at his sword with ardor. This was the germ of an idea that I’d first had years ago. How will I kill another […]

Manta Ray

  Director Phuttiphong Aroonpheng Year 2018 Lenght 105’ Country Thailandia, Francia, Cina Language Thailandese Cinematography Nawarophaat Rungphiboonsophit Music Christine Ott, Mathieu Gabry Subtitles English Genre Drama Near a coastal village of Thailand, by the sea where thousands of Rohingya refugees have drowned, a local fisherman finds an injured man lying unconscious in the forest. He […]

Memories of My Body

  Director Garin Nugroho Year 2018 Lenght: 106’ CountryIndonesia Language Indonesiano Screenplay Garin Nugroho Cinematography Teoh Gay Hian Music Mondo Gascaro Cast Muhammad Khan, Raditya Evandra, Rianto, Sujiwo Tejo,Teuku Rifnu Wikana Subtitle English Genre Drama   This film is about a man named WAHYU JUNO, from young ages he grows up without a mother ‘s […]

Nervous Translation

  Director Shireen Seno Year 2018 Lenght 90’ Country Philippines Language Tagalog Screenplay Shireen Seno Cinematography Albert Banzon, Jippy Pascua, Dennese Victoria Music Itos Ledesma Cast Jana Agoncillo, Angge Santos, Sid Lucero Subtitles English Genre Drama Eight-year-old Yael is shy and not always at ease. She prefers writing letters and listen endlessly to the cassette tapes […]

Season of the Devil

    DirectorLav Diaz Year 2018 Lenght: 234’ Country Filippine Language Tagalog Screenplay Lav Diaz Cinematography Larry Manda Music Lav Diaz Cast Piolo Pascual, Shaina Magdayao Subtitles English Genre Rock opera in nero Première: Berlin International Film Festival In the late 1970s, a military-controlled militia is oppressing a remote village in the Philippine jungle. The uniformed […]


  เหนือธรรมชาติ Nua dhamma chat (2014) 109 minutes / 2014 /  Thailand-Germany-USA Directed by Thunska Pansittivorakul Screenplay by Thunska Pansittivorakul and Panu Trivej Story by Panu Trivej, Thunska Pansittivorakul and Teepanun Petchsri Produced by Jürgen Brüning, Thunska Pansittivorakul andWisawanon Numnual Executive Producers Jürgen Brüning, Derek Curl and Andrew Chang Production Company SLEEP OF REASON FILMS […]

(Italiano) Tabula Rasa

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. di Taiki Sakpisit 23’ Un tempio abbandonato sorge nascosto tra le colline della Provincia di Chainat, a 188 chilometri a Nord di Bangkok, costruito 450 anni fa nel Regno di Ayutthaya e distrutto durante la guerra Birmano Siamese. Ciò che rimane oggi sono le rovine delle terre, […]

The Terrorists

    ผู้ก่อการร้าย Poo kor karn rai (2011) Documentary-experimental / 103 minutes / 2011 / GERMANY-THAILAND Festivals 2011 The 61st Berlinale, Germany 2011 The 13rd Buenos Aires Festival International de Cine Independente, Argentina 2011 The 2nd Distrital Cine Y Otros Mundos, Mexico 2011 The 6th Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, Israel 2011 The 5th […]