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romance of the western chamber

Romance of the Western Chamber

Chinese Title 西廂記 Director Hou Yao Year 1927 Length 45′ Screenplay Shipu Wang (play), Hou Yao (adaptation) Cinematography Linguang Liang Cast Lin Chu-Chu, Wong Hak, Chu Shu-To Music Mike Cooper (guitar and Electronics (Live( Production Minxin Film Company Language Silent Intertitles Chinese Mandarin, English Genre Drama / Romance / Combat / Literary adaptation   Synopsis […]

a touch of sin 2

A Touch of Sin

Written and directed by master filmmaker Jia Zhangke (The World, Still Life), “one of the best and most important directors in the world” (Richard Brody, The New Yorker), this daring, poetic and grand-scale film focuses on four characters, each living in different provinces, who are driven to violent ends.

here then

Here, Then

  Chinese Title Ci chu yu bi chu Director Mao Ma Year 2012 Length 86′ ScreenplayYue Ding, Mao Mao Producer Yue Ding, Chen Zheng Cinematography Aiguo Liu Production designer Liu Chang, Zhai Chenglei Sound Yang Zhang Music Yang Zhang Editing Bu Yang, Feng Zhangshun Cast Huang Tang Yijia, Li Ziqian, Wang Yizheng, Li Wensi, Cai […]

winter vacation 02

Winter Vacation

An ordinary village in Northern China, the last day of the winter vacation. Four idle, aimless adolescents gather at Zhou Zhixin’s home, a friend who lives with his father, brother and nephew. Like most contemporary teenagers, these youths want to enjoy their last day of holiday and simply hang out in this place where nothing ever seems likely to happen. Their conversations are desultory and they sometimes seem to argue for argument’s sake. One of them, Laowu, talks frankly with his girlfriend about how teenage love might affect their studies, while Laobao questions school’s value and relevance to real life. Golden Leopard 63rd Locarno International Film Festival. File under: Kaurismaki at South Park

trash village

Trash Village

    Director: Zou Xueping Year 2013 Length 82′ Screenplay:Zou Xueping Cinematography): Editing Zou Xueping Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis “This is the fourth film in my Zoujiacun series within the Folk Memory Project. In 2013, I came back to my village and faced the trash all over the village. The children […]

Self-portrait: dreaming at km 47

    Director: Zhang Mengqi Year 2013 Length 77′ Screenplay:Zhang Mengqi Cinematography): Editing Zhang Mengqi   Shooting Format Language Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis This is the fourth film in my self-portrait series. I went back to the village named 47 km in 2013. My grandfather was critically ill, and I accompanied […]

treating photo


Chinese Title Zhi Liao   Director: Wu Wenguang Year: 2010 Length: 80′ Cinematography): Wu Wenguang, Wen Hui, Zou Xueping, Tang Zhi Editing Wu Wenguang Shooting Format DV Language Mandarin Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis “This film started with me wanting to make a film to memorialize and explore my deep emotions toward […]


The Eight Trigrams(Gossip)

Chinese Title 八卦 Director Huang Xiang Year 2014 Length 68′ Screenplay Childish Film Studio Producer Childish Film Studio Cinematography Huang Xiang, LiuYingxia, CuiKai, HeJian Production Design DaKai Sound XiaoLiu Editing Huang Xiang Cast LiuYingxia, CuiKai, HeJian, LobsangGystso, LiuYingwen Production Company Childish Film Studio Shooting Format Digital HD Language Chinese Mandarin & Yunnan dialect Subtitle Chinese […]

in the wind ph

In the Wind

Chinese Title 蒲公英 Director Lan Shuzhang Year 2014 Length 103′ Screenplay Lan Shuzhang Producer Lan Shuzhang, Lee Yaoyao Cinematography Lan Shuzhang, Jiang Xiao Sound Huo Xinrui Editing Lan Shuzhang Cast Lan Shuzhang, Jiang Xiao, Ju Xi, Liu Xiaodong Production Company Lan Shuzhang Workshop Shooting Format MOV Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre mokumentary […]

Yang ph


Chinese Title: 杨   Director Lin Jiaxin Year 2014 Length 69′ Screenplay Lin Jiaxin Producer Huang Bihe Cinematography Lin Jiaxin Editing Lin Jiaxin Shooting Format HDV Language Henan Dialect & Shandong Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis There are many people gathering at the Wuchao Gate Square in Kaifeing throughout the year. They […]

The Gleaners ph

The Gleaners

Chinese Title: 拾穗 (Shí suì)     Director: Ye Zuyi Year: 2013 Length: 89′ Screenplay:Ye Zuyi Cinematography): Ye Zuyi Editing Ye Zuyi Shooting Format HDV Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis This is an common, rural family in Zhaixia Village, Heping County, Guangdong Province. After my family abandoned farming the […]