The Eight Trigrams(Gossip)

Chinese Title 八卦

gossip gossip gossip

Director Huang Xiang

Year 2014

Length 68′

Screenplay Childish Film Studio

Producer Childish Film Studio

Cinematography Huang Xiang, LiuYingxia, CuiKai, HeJian

Production Design DaKai

Sound XiaoLiu

Editing Huang Xiang

Cast LiuYingxia, CuiKai, HeJian, LobsangGystso, LiuYingwen

Production Company Childish Film Studio

Shooting Format Digital HD

Language Chinese Mandarin & Yunnan dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Fiction



The story’s about a steel mill worker listening to gossip stories and her fantasies.


Bio-filmography of Director

《烤鸡 Roast Chicken》 2012

《玉门 Yumen》(徐若涛、史杰鹏、黄香联合导演作品)2013


Director’s Statement

“In this world, things are always connected.” I had planned to shoot two films, with the same main performers. For various causes, the progress of them was not very satisfactory. So in the end I simply put the clips of the two parts together. The process of making this bizarre film, is a process of experimenting and gaming. I want to explore universal spiritual experience and I’m obsessed with this. However I don’t intend to raise any questions, nor to resolve any problems. The “Gossip ” is probably originated from this and the film structure is also from this. According to the legend, The eight trigrams means “Universe”, The eight trigrams evolves hexagrams, but the talking of contemporary people about “The eight trigrams”, mostly means “gossip”. This story depends entirely on how you look at it. It’s not even a story. Truth,maybe means illusion;Fiction could be real too.