Surrounded by Marks

Titolo originale 一个男人的XYZ

Surrounded by MarksSurrounded by MarksSurrounded by Marks

Regia Carl Colorful

Year 2014

Length 10′

Screenplay Carl Colorful & Zora Shen

Producer Swordautumn Cui

Cinematography Maple Lau

Production Design Zora Shen

Sound Jian Lu

Music Zora Shen

Editing Carl Colorful

Cast Handsome Lee

Production Company Personal Production

Shooting Format 25 1080P MOV

Language No dialogue

Subtitle No dialogue

Genre Experimental Short



With his name, hometown, residence, personal attributes and historical characters unknown, and being contempt in life, questioned in belief, gapped by human relationships, he is often alone in a closed space, challenging the ability of modern media. He wants to touch the outside world, but from the inner he affirms the existence of pain and isolation. His cruelty of residual memory, from the media often lets him fall beyond the reality of the dream state. Even with his unbelievable happening one day, it should be full of love and nonverbal dialogue, shape and color of life been distorted and deformed.When he was drinking water, one children knocked on the door, sprayed water , and gave him enough drinks. He tried to escape, but he was too lazy to escape. The media does so to him, life to him, too. He will continue to live in this coldness..


Bio-filmography of Director

Carl Colorful was born in Cangzhou Hebei in 1995,and grew up in Shandong.Life experience of both places made him full of the northern culture attitude .In 2013 ,he attended Zhejiang University Of Media And Communication and majored in photography and video production .Feeling the exquisite and mawkishness in south , He mixed art and practice together ,and produced a first film which named Paper Umbrella to discuss the classical culture and modern industry at the end of this year. He also goes in for photography and takes a set of photography called The Edge Of Empire .It’s mainly reflecting all the incarnations of a abandoned steel factory in his hometown .In the first half of 2014,based on the experience, he set on to prepare Surrounded By Masks and the image itself. And the film describes the boundaries of modern people and the media .He is interested in philosophy politics and culture .He thinks a lifelong aspiration which doesn’t violate our heart and soul, is very hard but that’s worth it.


Director’s Statement

The film’s creation has a lot to do with our generation’s life. We are growing up in the 90s: before we had understand what’s “Internet” and “New Media”, life has been controlled by them, and the so-called industry. Media gives information to us, but I don’t need so much information. Industries give convenience to us, which make us more lazy and dependent. We set someone to discuss his life for the person doesn’t need to explain, and he is a man in this environment. The film is not a story. Mainly through images it delivers content. In the so-called the media age, the individual also becomes a “noise”, and becomes red and blue combination of strange things, combined with industry, media. I want to escape but fail. Most images directly use monochromatic photograph. The colours of our life are false.