Chinese Title

fish Fish_1 fish

Director Zhang Lin

Year 2014

Length 5′

Screenplay Zhang Lin

Sound Ayo Chen

Music Ayo Chen

Editing Zhang Lin

Production Company China Academy of Art

Shooting Format HDV

Language No Dialogue

Subtitle No Dialogue

Genre Fiction Short



It is a contemporary film with surrealism style. The film uses three-dimensional animation to portray a black and white world. The story of a “bird man” and a bird starts around a piano and a fish. On the dead deep sea, there is a single white wooden boat on which a “bird man” is catching fish for his “bell bird”. Unwittingly there comes a floating eerie piano and a fish is in the balloon hanging on that piano. The Birdman is eager for the piano sound while the bird wants to eat the fish, so the birdman is going to release the bird and the story starts…


Bio-filmography of Director

Zhang Lin, a graduated student from Animation Department of China Academy of Art in 2014. He comes from the Putian city of Fujian. He independently created the short three-dimensional animated graduation work Fish which has won the graduation creation gold-award of Animation Department of China Academy of Art.


Director’s Statement

At the beginning, the idea for the film was due to my wish of creating something different from others. Therefore, in the early stages I identified some key words: surrealism, fantasy, absurd and so on. For cartoons with such themes, I personally believed that it is more suitable for independent creation, and I determined to create this graduation work independently not only because I would like to take this opportunity to force myself to overcome all these difficulties, but also because I wished to have a completely my own film. Fish is mainly made by using Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and other softwares, most of which I had learned to use for the first time in the creating process. The problems I met cost a lot of time for I needed to weigh and consider problems by myself. All these difficulties made this period the most memorable one. Most importantly, I hope to thank all my teachers and friends. Without all their help and support, my creating process wouldn’t have been so smooth.