In the Wind

Chinese Title 蒲公英

in the wind ph in the wind ph in the wind ph

Director Lan Shuzhang

Year 2014

Length 103′

Screenplay Lan Shuzhang

Producer Lan Shuzhang, Lee Yaoyao

Cinematography Lan Shuzhang, Jiang Xiao

Sound Huo Xinrui

Editing Lan Shuzhang

Cast Lan Shuzhang, Jiang Xiao, Ju Xi, Liu Xiaodong

Production Company Lan Shuzhang Workshop

Shooting Format MOV

Language Shaanxi Dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre mokumentary



Desperate grassroots director Lan Hai and a friend whose name is Ouyang, decided to shoot a Mockumentary.

Jiang Xiao, a graduating senior student influenced by the Chinese mainstream education, and decided to record the entire production process of LAN’s Mockumentary as his final project before graduation.



Bio-filmography of Director

jobs like waiters, taxi driver, bus driver, owner of a plastic factory, extras etc. In 2011, he established his own film production studio and started the business on commercial films by using the alias of “Lan Hai”.

main works include:

2011 Harmonica (Short film)

screened on“2012 Screen for shots ” Cologne, Germany

2014 In the Wind




Director’s Statement

This film is based on my real life and working experiences. Sometimes, I feel like we are just a group of floating dandelions in the wind that longing for freedom, no choice but to be blowing by it, and let it bring me to all unexpected places.

Therefore, we had to lie to ourselves that everything is going to be fine, and tomorrow is a better day. This self-deception has been gradually lightening our sense of desire towards freedom.