Peng Peng Peng

Chinese Title 砰砰砰

peng peng peng

Director Sea Chen

Year 2013

Length 2′

Screenplay Sea Chen, Yuefeng Chen、Yujia Guo

Music Stomp

Language No Dialogue

Subtitle No Dialogue

Genre Short Animation



This video is about an alpaca frequently harassed by noise from next door when he is working. Video and audio technologies are introduced to highlight the conflict. However, the plot reversed when the story reaches its climax.



Bio-filmography of Director

Sea Chen, studying at Department of Animation in Media Animation College of China Academy of Art.

2012: Director documentary “version Satoru Life”

Participation in the movie “Love Letter” Shooting

2013: Directed short film “bracelet”

As the cartoon “Peng Peng Peng” screenwriter




Director’s Statement

Just like what happens in the story, many of us get annoyed about various pressures from our life or surroundings. According to LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability by Paul H• Ray, an American sociologist), what important is one’s attitude to life, one’s mentality of being. Get used to life, if you can not change it. This is the point illustrated by Peng Peng Peng.