Ten Years Taiwan

Directors Cilangasan Lekal Sumi, Rina B.Tsou, Lu Po-Shun, Hsieh Pei-Ju, Lau Kek Huat
Cast Xie Jia-hui (“The Can of Anido”), Alina Tsai, Karolyn Kieke (“942”), Lu Dong-yang, Li Wen-he (“Way Home”), Du Yi-fan, Mike Wang (“A Making-Of”), Hsu Nai-han (“The Sleep”)
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin
Year 2018
Lenght 109′

Inspired by Ten Years (2015), the omnibus film that envisioned different futures for Hong Kong 10 years hence, this kaleidoscopic collection of shorts brings the concept to Taiwan and for the five participating filmmakers, the future looks a lot like the present. Dystopia reigns throughout but each story feels rooted in the political, economic, cultural, ecological and demographic anxieties of the current moment. It’s what makes the project so captivating and unnerving: these futures are happening now.