The City

Chinese Title 彼岸

the city the city the city

Director Zi Huang

Year 2014

Length 9′55″

Screenplay Zi Huang

Producer Xin Sun

Cinematography Chen Li

Sound Cameron Harris

Music CHEN Ke

Editing Zi Huang

Cast Christie Kycloniefs,Shu-yun Van,Yang Guang

Shooting Format HDV

Language Shaanxi Dialect/English

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Short Fiction



The little girl leaves home to look for her mother whom is not in the small island anymore, but at the end she decides to come back home because she doesn’t want to leave her father alone.


Bio-filmography of Director

Zi Huang was born and raised in Guangzhou, south China. He took a flight to the US for study abroad on his 18-year-old birthday. He realized he loves movie and starts making short films in the 3rd year in UC Berkeley. Zi’s first short doc. THE AMERICAN DREAM OF A ‘HOMELESS’ was nominated “Best Short Film” in 2011-2012 Campus Movie Festival at UC Berkeley. After undergraduate he got into NYU Tisch Asia’s MFA filmmaking program for being a better filmmaker. Although Zi dropped out from school after the 1st year, he had learned a lot about filmmaking. He has been working on short films throughout the world, including the USA, Singapore, China, and Thailand. His latest short film, THE CITY, won the 2nd prize in “IMAX Dream” category of the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival, and was selected in 12th Beijing International College Student Film Festival.


Director’s Statement

The City is my first year project when I took MFA program in NYU Tisch Asia in Singapore. I didn’t like the city at all because it’s a modern city that high-rise buildings are everywhere. I didn’t find out any inspired locations in the city until my friend took me to a nearby island. I really like the primary environment and the old kampung houses in the island that I could never see in Singapore. I went to the beach and surprisingly I could see the city on the other side of the sea, and then I got the story.