The Hole in Teeth

Chinese Title 無中文片名

  The Hole In Teeth The Hole In Teeth The Hole In Teeth

Director Chuang YU-Ru

Year 2014

Length 11′

Screenplay Chuang YU-Ru

Producer Chuang YU-Ru

Cinematography Huang Yi-Chen

Production Design Yu Ke-Chin

Sound Yu Ke-Chin

Editing Chuang YU-Ru

Cast Ian Wang

Production Company Shih Hsin University

Shooting Format Super-8, HD,135 Film

Language Mandarin

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Short Experimental



The story’s about one boy’s fantasies of sex, and body. The secrets of adolescence are all in that hole.


Bio-filmography of Director

Chuang Yu-Ru (1986,Taiwan) studied visual communication design at College. And now he is currently following a master’s program in filmmaking at Shih Hsin University.

2008 《THE WRITER》/short /10min

2009 《PINK-014》/ Documentary /10min

2009 《FACE》/ Experimental / 5min

2011 《THORN》/short / 7min,

2013 《floating illusion》/ Experimental / 3min


Director’s Statement

This film is concerned with the self-described state of privacy and memories of adolescence. Main Film shooting is done with super-8mm film. The texture of super 8mm hand processing in the film corresponds to this film work. And I tried to use different filming format such as 135 camera film.

Through diversified forms of experimental images , I wish to convey the meaning of the film itself.