To be a Father

Chinese Title 为父

 To be a Father  To be a Father poster  To be a Father

Director Ian Yang

Year 2013

Length 25′

Screenplay Ian Yang

Producer Ian Yang

Cinematography Ian Yang

Production Design Amer

Sound He Bochen

Music Yang Chen

Editing Chen Chen

Cast Wu Youcai,Cao cheng

Shooting Format Digital HD

Language Wuhan dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Short Fiction



A father who abandoned his son for 10 years. He was informed that his son has been expelled from school. Father and son want to get recognition, but the father could not understand his son’s world, the biggest concern is the father’emotion can not express, because he could not speak.


Bio-filmography of Director

Ian Yang was graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Directing Department

The work Song Chen was screened in the Short Film Section of the 9th China Independent Film Festival.


Director’s Statement

This story tells how a father to be a really father, and how to regain his son. When his son became the problem teenager, this father who is over fifty, poor, cowardly, cannot understand. He tries to use his own way to improve the relations with his son. But this father cannot express, cannot understand, and unable to break through the two person’s cage .

However, the father thinks his son’s problem has some relations with his left at that time, and it becomes a dead cycle. At the end of this film, the father thinks the only way to solve this problem is to recept and understand his son, and to be a father again.

This is what I want to discuss: there’s no harm to embody the love even by using of evil, for it transcends the evil in a flash.