Wandering Mind

Chinese Title 走神

 Wandering Mind Wandering Mind Wandering Mind

Director Hoby Chang

Year 2014

Length 32′

Screenplay Hoby Chang

Producer Hoby Chang

Cinematography Lai Zhihua

Sound ChiHai XuWei

Music CAM Huang

Editing Hoby Chang

Cast Huang Jiahui, Emma Lee, He Zhifei

Production Company Guangzhou Southward Advertising Co.

Shooting Format HD

Language Shaanxi Dialect, Cantonese, Mandarin

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Fiction Short



This is the second meet between these two women. The first time was in white-collar lady Yellow’s house, when her husband fell down and died in front of them. After one week, Yellow invited her husband’s affair lover (Lu, a bass player in an underground band) to a café, and asked how they got together this past year. Layer by layer, hearts are peeled off, along with the married couple’s mundane life that they went all out to maintain and decorate. Confused by many things, Lu doesn’t understand why Yellow didn’t find out about the affair though she’d been going to her house every day for a year. She can’t figure out why Yellow didn’t call the ambulance when her husband fell and died. Life can originally go on, but will lose its balance and become more and more confusing if someone attempts to know the truth about life. No matter how hard Yellow tries to understand, and how long it takes for a relationship to transform from the most beautiful beginning to the saddest end, she can never figure out. In the end, Yellow told Lu about another woman, Faye…



Bio-filmography of Director

Zhang Huibin, worked in Nanfang Media as a photojournalist, new media reporter, and audio video department director since from 2008 to 2013. He won many awards for his independent works and commercial films, including giving interviews to Guangdong TV’s “Spotlight Today” and many mainstream media (e.g. Southern Metropolis Daily). He founded “Southward Studio” in 2012 and “HOBY Filmmaking Studio” in 2014, which co-curated “Lust and Desire Short Film Salon” with UN Bookstore.


Cercis won the Best Feature Film in the 2nd Asian Youth DV Competition, 2005;

Free Excursion was selected to compete in the 4th Annual Chinese Independent Film Festival, 2006

Sex Conversation (30mins) won the “Best Director Award” and the 2nd prize in “Excellent Script.” It was also in the finalist of the “101 Global Chinese Independent Film Festival,” 2007

An Old Man Climbed the Bridge to Push Down the Suicide (multimedia) won the Silver Prize in “Annual Popular Media Award” from Southern Metropolis Daily, 2009

Strangers Only (a short film collaborated with Canon Ltd. Co.) was released in Gangding, Guangzhou, 2012

Lao Cui (documentary) won the “Best Documentary Domination Award” in the 1st Chinese Micro-Film Festival, 2013

Wandering Mind (32mins) was screened in “Lust and Desire Short Film Salon” Young Filmmaker Short Film Festival, 2014




Director’s Statement

Urban life is mostly maintained by human relationships, rather than nature orders. I am interested in the panorama of faces and behaviors in urban life. Emotion, especially woman’s emotion, is a clear thread that is closest to an individual’s mental life. Women’s states of minds that are revealed after varied emotional struggles are great starting points, which lead me into the twisted and repressed mental lives that people have in modern metropolitans. Women’s emotions are extremely nuanced and sensitive, so much so that every small change in life, every towel that falls to the floor can cause women’s changes of mood. As if urban thermometers, these emotional hints are so subtle that I have to use filmmaking as a medium to get closer to their own emotional system. By using our camera to care about them, we are also caring our own city, our own life.