Winter Vacation


Chinese title 寒假 (Han jia)
winter vacation 02 winter vacation 03 winter vacation 01

Director Li Hongqi

Year 2010

Length 91′

Screenplay Li Hongqi

Producer Alex Chung, Lu Zhang

Cinematography Yurui Qi

Editing Hongqi Li

Cast Jinfeng Bai, Lei Bao, Hui Wang, Ying Xie, Naqi Zhang

Shooting Format HDCAM

Language Chinese Mandarin

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Fiction



An ordinary village in Northern China, the last day of the winter vacation. Four idle, aimless adolescents gather at Zhou Zhixin’s home, a friend who lives with his father, brother and nephew. Like most contemporary teenagers, these youths want to enjoy their last day of holiday and simply hang out in this place where nothing ever seems likely to happen. Their conversations are desultory and they sometimes seem to argue for argument’s sake. One of them, Laowu, talks frankly with his girlfriend about how teenage love might affect their studies, while Laobao questions school’s value and relevance to real life. Golden Leopard 63rd Locarno International Film Festival. File under: Kaurismaki at South Park.


Bio-filmography of Director

Li Hongqi is a poet and novelist. Born in Shandong Province, he graduated from China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. His main publications include the poetry anthology Lin Chuang Jing Yan (Cure) and two novels, Xing Yun’er (Lucky Fellow) and Shi Bu Wan De Jin (Smells Like Teen Spirit). His first feature So Much Rice (2005) won the Netpac award at the 58th Locarno International Film Festival. His second feature Routine Holiday (2008) was nominated for the FIPRESCI Critics Award at 52th London Film Festival.


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Winter Vacation | Han jia (2010)

Routine Holiday | Huangjin zhou (2008)

So Much Rice | Hao duo da mi (2005)


Winter Vacation | Han jia (2010)

Routine Holiday | Huangjin zhou (2008)

So Much Rice | Hao duo da mi (2005)