Chinese Title


Director Xie Yubin

Year 2013

Length 23′

Screenplay Xie Yubin

Producer L’Iffcam

Cinematography Xie Yubin

Sound Xie Yubin

Music Fédric Alvaza

Editing Xie Yubin

Production Company L’Iffcam

Shooting Format DV Pal

Language Shaanxi Dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Documentary



Through spending a winter with a flock of sheep (‘Yang’ it is ‘sheep’ in Chinese) to have this opportunity to raise the questions like the identity of animal, the relationship with human being, and with the nature.



Bio-filmography of Director


Xie Yubin was born in GuangZhou, 1987. In 2010, he has gone to France and studied on cinema till now.




Director’s Statement

Yang (sheep) does not exist in the past time, just like dog, pig, cow, and so on. In this film, I just want to pose a question that “what’s Yang?” actually, Yang is a kind of product for human being. However, it is a creature with spirit. Should we see ourselves from Yang’s life? The title of Yang is fit in with Yang is Chinese Taoism, for the original thought of this film coming from Taoism.

I try to explore whether every Yang has its own character, thought, emotion, and spirit.

I try to use black and white color to let me and audience concentrate on other film elements.