Chinese Title: 杨

  Yang ph Yang ph Yang ph

Director Lin Jiaxin

Year 2014

Length 69′

Screenplay Lin Jiaxin

Producer Huang Bihe

Cinematography Lin Jiaxin

Editing Lin Jiaxin

Shooting Format HDV

Language Henan Dialect & Shandong Dialect

Subtitle Chinese & English

Genre Documentary



There are many people gathering at the Wuchao Gate Square in Kaifeing throughout the year. They worship gods and practice different kinds of Kungfu. Yang is one of them.


Bio-filmography of Director

Lin Jiaxin,collectively refers to Guo Lin and Huang Ruixin, who are both art teachers.

Wuchao Gate (2013) is selected to 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival and top 10 full-length documentaries of 10th China Independent Film Festival.


Director’s Statement

This film is a byproduct of Wuchao Gate, which is edited by the clue of a single character.