Shorts Cagliari 2014

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Chinese Title 鱼 Director Zhang Lin Year 2014 Length 5′ Screenplay Zhang Lin Sound Ayo Chen Music Ayo Chen Editing Zhang Lin Production Company China Academy of Art Shooting Format HDV Language No Dialogue Subtitle No Dialogue Genre Fiction Short   Synopsis It is a contemporary film with surrealism style. The film uses three-dimensional animation to portray […]

The chaotic space

The chaotic space of nihility and dissolving, melting and shattering phenomenon of time

Chinese Title 虚空与正消解、融化、毁灭的时间现象   Director Wu Xiang Year 2014 Length 4’13” Screenplay Wu Xiang Producer Ye Rongfang,Wu Xiang, Zhang Fan Cinematography Wu Xiang Sound Wu Xiang Music Wu Xiang Editing Wu Xiang Cast Wu Xiang Production Company CAA Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Experimental Short   Synopsis Stream of Consciousness   Bio-filmography […]

Perfect Conjugal Bliss

Perfect Conjugal Bliss

Chinese Title 花好月圆   Director ZhongSu Year 2014 Length 5′ Screenplay ZhongSu Producer ZhongSu Cinematography ZhongSu Sound ZhongSu Music ZhongSu Editing ZhongSu Shooting Format HDV Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Experimental Short   Synopsis No story   Bio-filmography of Director ZhongSu, graduated from China Academy of Art   2013 China Independent Animation […]

Time Drugs

Time Drugs

Chinese Title 时间迷药 Director Wensen Year 2014 Length 24′ Screenplay Wensen Producer Wensen Cinematography Wensen, Xuejun Sound Wensen Editing Wensen Cast Wing Susie, Zhangchuan Wensen Production Company Beijing Tianlang Studio Shooting Format HDV Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Short Experimental   Synopsis I try to use 24 minutes to describe a complex, […]

The Birth of a False Comedy_2

The Birth of a False Comedy

Chinese Title 一部伪喜剧的诞生     Regia: Liu Hanzhi Anno: 2012 Durata: 11’45’’ Sceneggiatura: Liu Hanzhi Produzione: Zhounan Fotografia: Liu Yadang Suono: Hao Ribao Musiche: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Montaggio: Liu Hanzhi, Liu Yadang Attori: Liu Jinglai, Liu Hanzhi, Wang Anyang, Caoliang, Guifei, Zhang Dingwen Production Company: Beijing Tianlang Studio Formato: MOV Lingua: Mandarino […]

Surrounded by Marks

Surrounded by Marks

Chinese Title 一个男人的XYZ Director Carl Colorful Year 2014 Length 10′ Screenplay Carl Colorful & Zora Shen Producer Swordautumn Cui Cinematography Maple Lau Production Design Zora Shen Sound Jian Lu Music Zora Shen Editing Carl Colorful Cast Handsome Lee Production Company Personal Production Shooting Format 25 1080P MOV Language No dialogue Subtitle No dialogue Genre Experimental […]

The Hole In Teeth

The Hole in Teeth

Chinese Title 無中文片名   Director Chuang YU-Ru Year 2014 Length 11′ Screenplay Chuang YU-Ru Producer Chuang YU-Ru Cinematography Huang Yi-Chen Production Design Yu Ke-Chin Sound Yu Ke-Chin Editing Chuang YU-Ru Cast Ian Wang Production Company Shih Hsin University Shooting Format Super-8, HD,135 Film Language Mandarin Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Short Experimental   Synopsis The story’s about […]

Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind

Chinese Title 走神   Director Hoby Chang Year 2014 Length 32′ Screenplay Hoby Chang Producer Hoby Chang Cinematography Lai Zhihua Sound ChiHai XuWei Music CAM Huang Editing Hoby Chang Cast Huang Jiahui, Emma Lee, He Zhifei Production Company Guangzhou Southward Advertising Co. Shooting Format HD Language Shaanxi Dialect, Cantonese, Mandarin Subtitle Chinese & English Genre […]


Peng Peng Peng

Chinese Title 砰砰砰 Director Sea Chen Year 2013 Length 2′ Screenplay Sea Chen, Yuefeng Chen、Yujia Guo Music Stomp Language No Dialogue Subtitle No Dialogue Genre Short Animation   Synopsis This video is about an alpaca frequently harassed by noise from next door when he is working. Video and audio technologies are introduced to highlight the […]

the city

The City

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Titolo Cinese 彼岸 Regia. Zi Huang Anno. 2014 Durata .9′55″ Sceneggiatura. Zi Huang Produzione: Xin Sun Fotografia: Chen LiSuono: Cameron Harris Musiche: CHEN Ke Montaggio: Zi Huang Attori: Christie Kycloniefs,Shu-yun Van,Yang Guang

To be a Father poster

To be a Father

Chinese Title 为父 Director Ian Yang Year 2013 Length 25′ Screenplay Ian Yang Producer Ian Yang Cinematography Ian Yang Production Design Amer Sound He Bochen Music Yang Chen Editing Chen Chen Cast Wu Youcai,Cao cheng Shooting Format Digital HD Language Wuhan dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Short Fiction   Synopsis A father who abandoned […]


Chinese Title 羊 Director Xie Yubin Year 2013 Length 23′ Screenplay Xie Yubin Producer L’Iffcam Cinematography Xie Yubin Sound Xie Yubin Music Fédric Alvaza Editing Xie Yubin Production Company L’Iffcam Shooting Format DV Pal Language Shaanxi Dialect Subtitle Chinese & English Genre Documentary   Synopsis Through spending a winter with a flock of sheep (‘Yang’ it […]

barking poster


Chinese Title 吠   Director Geng Yi Year 2013 Length 36′ Screenplay Chen Dan, Geng Yi Producer Geng Yi Cinematography Li Binkai, Lv Wenzhi Sound Liu Ruiqing Music Pentatonic Editing Song song, Wu Shaowei Cast The Scavenger Liu and her stray dogs Production Company Beijing Tianlang Studio Shooting Format HDV Language Mandarin Subtitle Chinese & […]